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Thread: HinksPix16 - Beta Release of NEW 16 port Pixel Controller

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    Default HinksPix16 - Beta Release of NEW 16 port Pixel Controller

    Beta boards are now available at HolidayCoro - link below.

    HinksPix16 is a full featured 16 port pixel controller:

    The controller will support up to 6 Universes per output port - that's 1024 pixels per port or 16,384 pixels with maximum configuration (49,152 channels).

    Each port will support a different string protocol (exception: when using TLS3001 - 4 ports must be dedicated to this string type).

    Each port will support segmenting the associated string into 9 segments where each segment can identify a different configuration of: NULL pixels, RGB color selection, Zig-Zag, Brightness, and Gamma.

    The following Pixel String types are currently supported (Note: If you use a string not identified below - PM me about sending me a string and it will be returned once I have added it to the controller's capability).
    • WS2811
    • WS2812
    • WS2812B
    • WS2801
    • TLS3001
    • APA102

    The HinPix16 supports TWO Ethernet Jacks for daisy chaining your CAT5 network cable from controller to controller (no need to use an external switch)

    The HinksPix16 has wireless capability to be used for configuration and control (the initial software release does NOT utilize this capability but will be enabled shortly)

    The HixksPix16 has an on-board SD card and Audio processor which will be used as a Stand-Alone Sequence Player in the future (capability not enabled this release and may require an additional cost in the future to utilize)

    The HinksPix16 supports one RS485 port. This supports 1 full Universe or 512 channels. (update - 11/21/16/ -- will be included in initial release)

    The HinksPix16 supports one external Trigger input. The Trigger input can be configured to send a UDP message upon being activated (the initial software release does NOT utilize this capability but will be enabled shortly)

    The controller has been bench tested driving WS2811 and TLS3001 stings up to it's maximum capability of 96 Universes.

    The controller is configured via an internal Web Server that can be accessed from a Browser on a desktop computer or tablet.

    Software is automatically updated via the Internet when new versions are released. No external hardware required.

    The Pre-Production HinksPix16 sells for $189.99 (149.99 after refund - see below). Product ships as of November 21, 2016.

    This Beta - Pre-Production - release will provide a $40 refund if the board is purchased, used/tested in a real-life implementation, and a detailed feedback form is filled out and submitted to HolidayCoro by Dec 31, 2016. We are asking for your feedback and working with us to discover any software issues that have not been identified in development.

    This Pre-Production release of the HinksPix16 does not have the OLED display or CPU board secured down with screws. The production board will.

    I will be posting a video on how the controller is configured later today.

    Customer support for this Beta release is via HolidayCoro - your incoming phone call will be directed to me.

    I welcome any comments you would like to share.



    Video - How to Configure the HinksPix16

    Technical Overview of the HinksPix16 board

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