2020 Pre-Sale announcement!

We are doing something a bit different this year with our annual pre-sale. This will be the only pre-sale this year and will likely be our last pre-sale ever! Please read this entire post to understand what is happening!

In the past we have waited until the pre-sale closed to order all the product. This year we are doing things a bit differently. The pre-sale product is already on its way! The shipment left China on December 18th and is currently enroute to New York. From there it will be loaded on a truck and be shipped to Wisconsin. This is the first time we have had a shipment arrive in the port of New York so we are not certain on the transit time. We are hoping for the product to arrive in port before February 1st. The current tracking shows the boat will be making a stop in Norway first. Once that stop is complete the tracking info will get updated and we will have a better idea when it will dock in NY. We will update this once the tracking is updated to give us a better idea. After the ship arrives in port the shipment will have to go through US Customs and then be transported to us. Typically that takes an additional 2-3 weeks.

In the past our shipments always arrived to the port of Los Angeles, which is a 14 day boat ride from China to LA. Considering the ship going to NY has much further to go we expect that time to be increased by two to three weeks. The shipment is going to New York due to a clerical error made by the shipping company.

More about this pre-sale –
Because the order has already been placed this pre-sale will be have limited quantities. All items included in the pre-sale will have an Estimated Date of Arrival in the product listing. That EDA is currently March 1st but is subject to change. If an item is listed as out of stock that means we have sold out of that item. Current site inventory reflects what currently have in stock along with the shipment that is on the way.

This pre-sale will end when the shipment arrives in the port of New York! This date is estimated to be Feb 1st, however that is subject to change. We will update that date as soon as the ship tracking gets updated.

Shipping -
If we have the items in stock your order will ship within 16 BUSINESS HOURS (2 business days). We currently have a solid inventory of all pigtails and connectors, most power supplies, some pixels, etc.

The entire pre-sale will be shipped to our customers within 3 weeks (21 days) of us receiving the shipment. This may sound like a long time for us to process the shipping, but it is a large undertaking. We will be notifying customers on our Facebook page and various other sites once the shipment arrives. IF YOUR PRE-SALE ORDER HAS NOT SHIPPED WITHIN 21 DAYS AS PROMISED YOU WILL BE REFUNDED THE COST OF SHIPPING.

Regular sales -
As stated at the beginning of this post, this will likely be our last pre-sale. We’ve grown the business to a point where the pre-sale model is inefficient and overly complicated. We have streamlined the procurement process with our suppliers and will be moving to a standard retail business model where we keep more items in stock and have a regular flow of incoming product. We have forecasted our sales and have a plan in place with our suppliers to receive regular shipments. Our goal is to keep items in stock for quick shipping. Going forward ALL ORDERS OF IN STOCK MERCHANDISE WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 16 BUSINESS HOURS (2 business days) after an order is placed. If that order does not ship within that timeframe shipping will be free.

Pricing –
In the past during pre-sales we have lowered the price of all items. Pre-sales prices will still be discounted but we are doing it in a different way.

All items will show the regular price along with the pre-sale price listed in red. The sale prices are listed at 5%-10% off. This doesn’t sound like much but the price of almost all of our items has recently dropped significantly. We have some amazing prices on our merchandise! When the pre-sale ends the prices will be adjusted back to the regular price.

We have also added 12v pixels with xConnect connectors along with xConnect pigtails and extensions. Right now the quantity available is limited and we expect them to sell out fast. We will be increasing the inventory greatly with our next order from that manufacturer.

Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas to you and your family!