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Thread: How I build my arches

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    Quote Originally Posted by av_guru View Post
    I have a general question on arches. This is my first year making them and I have seen that most people use the pixel strips. Has anyone done them by pulling bullets into the flex tube?

    The mini-arches I'm making right now use discrete LED T10 "bulbs" instead of an LED strip:


    I do this because I really like my arches to have distinct segments, reminiscent of the days where I wrapped PVC with a mini-ican string to form a segment. What I've done with these is use two "bulbs" a segment, facing each other, with a 3/4" gap in between since these bulbs have a 5050 on top as well as 12 on the sides. Done this way, each segment is 2-3/4" long and I separate the segments by 3 inches. This results in a tiny arch that's a smidge more than 2 feet wide and a smidge more than 1 foot tall, plus the PVC base and the threaded adapters to join PEX to PVC. The PVC base has a "T" in the middle where a 4x4x2 outdoor electrical box resides which contains the 12V 2A power supply and an 8 CH DMX board.

    With all 16 bulbs (eight segments) lit at full brightness, the whole thing with the controller draws 1176ma off the 2A power supply. Plenty of margin. And, it's reasonably water-resistant too because the power cord and cat5 jacks (DMX) face down.

    They're not as pretty to me as wrapping PVC with mini-icans but they're hassle free for a variety of reasons. The lights are inside the pex and less likely to be damaged unlike wrapping PVC with mini-icans where every year I had to poke through tightly-wadded strings of 2V bulbs to find broken ones which always seems to take "forever" when one has a multitude of arches.

    In case it isn't obvious, my mini-arches are mono-chromatic (white) and the pex ads a tinge of color which I think adds to the incan segment look of "bulb glow". It's subtle.

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    Default Re: How I build my arches

    I've noticed too that the PEX warms the cool white of the LEDs to appear more like that of an incandescent lamp.

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