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How many strings can I use together on 1 port? Do I
power inject every other string or every 3rd string?
The falcon specs says it will do 1024 pixels per output.

What kind of strips are you running that you can go 50 pixels per 8 feet? Or did you mean 50 nodes on a string?

Power is mostly about leds rather than pixels. Are you running 3/1 (leds to pixels) strips or 1/1 strips. 150 leds is too many for 5v without power injection but if you are running 30%, you will have to experiment with various colors and white and see how your strips perform. If you run 12v strips with 150 leds at 30%, you can almost certainly get away with each strip. Each strip will need its own power.

If you are running 50 leds per string, you can easily do one string with either 5v or 12v. So just do power every string.

The mega tree in my yard runs 16x50 12v ws2811 nodes and I use one port for each string on a 16 port controller. It was easy to setup that way and has worked well for 3 years.