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Thread: How do you set up supports in 3d?

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    Default How do you set up supports in 3d?

    So I just received a new Sun Hokey Prusa I3 Acrylic a couple of days ago. I've managed to test print several items (Cube, Spiral vase, I simple design of my own), but haven't been able to figure out how to activate supporting for models that are printed from the bottom up that have areas outside the original support structure. Like I said, I'm new to this so I'm not really familiar with the terminology. If you would, imagine a wolf. It's paws and legs are going to print first, followed by it's body, then neck, head, and tail. How do you support the nose of the head and tip of the tail if they are in the downward position like it's eating? Not quit level with the printing base plane, but far enough away from the main model not to connect.

    I really hope this makes sense, kind of confused myself.

    Any ideas?

    Oh Yeah, I'm using Repetier-Host V1.6.2 for printing. I'm also using Slic3r.
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