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Bridge mode fixed it. Is bridge the proper mode to run the slave for the P10 while using the main Pi set to master that runs all the 2811 pixels? I'll have to read up on that and do some testing. Thanks for the help!
If you are running FPP Master Pi with another Pi running the P10 panels then you want to use FPP MultiSync with the Master Pi set to 'Master' and the p10 Pi set to 'Remote'. After setting the P10 Pi to Remote mode, go to the MultiSync page on the master and check the checkbox beside the P10 Pi's hostname. Use the 'sync' button to sync your sequences from the Master to Remote automatically. Then, whenever the master plays a sequence, the remote will play the same sequence. This eliminates the E1.31 traffic over the network, only small sync packets are sent about once per second from master to remote.