I have a 1/4" flat aluminum frame with 100 pixels attached, using the Pixclips. I need to put them around my vinyl windows. I am struggling with how to secure them to the windows. I cannot drill into the vinyl windows, because I enjoy living with my wife. The windows are surrounded by stucco, but the stucco is covering Styrofoam. I cannot put anything into the stucco covered Styrofoam. The bottom of the window ledge is also stucco covered Styrofoam and can't support too much weight. I think the current weight can support the lights and frame but it's not secured to anything. Half the window is glass and the other half is screen. I have tried suction cups on the windows but they don't stay on.

i have attached a picture with lights just hanging so i could gauge the total weight. Please help.

Thanks, Chris
Window.jpgWindow Lights.JPG