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    Hey all, Looking for some ideas and I thought I'd ask to pick your collective brains.
    I would like to try and run Christmas music videos played on an exterior screen sync'd with my light display. My plan is to run the videos on a screen just far enough from my display so the blinky flashy doesn't blur the picture. I have the hardware, but not the knowledge to get it all to work together. Does anyone here have any ideas how to do this? I've already posted for KC on the "Change Request" subtopic here:

    Here's just a short playlist I'd may run, with Voice over and graphics in between each video for radio station frequency announce, "please don't block neighbor's driveway" messages, etc.

    Start things off with Steve Azar "Catfish Christmas"

    Speed it up!! God's Children "Run Run Rudolf"

    Just love this one: (Faith Hill "Where are you Christmas)

    Gotta have these guys Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve Sarajevo"

    Fun for us old guys...Styx "Ring the Bells for Christmas"

    Another nice slow video to finish it out (Good for mellow, slow blending/fading lights theme)
    (All I Want For Christmas) A Soldier Coming Home - Featuring Monty Lane Allen

    Thanks everyone for your help and advice... :D

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    I have been thinking about the same thing. I am planning on using 7 of my output channels to send signals to another PC running PowerPoint. I'll detect the input on the second PC using the parallel port and VBA. I'll probably use a separate PowerPoint file for each song. This should work, I hope. I'll probable try it out in the next 2 weeks.

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    i thought of the possibility of this for next year, wouldn't that be nice if there vixen had mp4, wmv support
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    Styx is great. Kids today would be a lot better off listening to them.
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