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Thread: Mounting strobes

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    Default Mounting strobes

    Just wondering how other mount their strobes on the house/roof...or do you just let them lay on the roof. I have all my lights on pvc and I'm trying to come up with a convenient way to do the same for strobes.

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    Default Re: Mounting strobes


    I just put them on the "light holders", in my case old steel Gazebo frame tube, with a few inches spare and let them lie to one side of the "light holder". It is a little untidy I know, but it still has the desired effect and "Wow" factor. My strobes are the little one watt LED's in clear plastic craft boxes driven from a 5 Volt supply via Vixen's Random function when called to strobe. I run several in parallel on each of the 32 channels involved making about 120+ spread over the display in a "Random placement". Being of a Technical bent I find placing things in a random fashion very difficult because my mind seems to want to make things symmetrical :-(

    Tory St Lights & Strobes.jpg

    The bright pinpoints in the pic should be the strobes :-)

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    Default Re: Mounting strobes

    Any chance you have a picture of your strobe you can share? I wouldn't mind trying to make a few of them my self.

    Thanks, Dale P.

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    Default Re: Mounting strobes

    I use C9 strings for my strobes and use every other socket. Then tie they up with my other lights.
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