Hello Joe: I've got a few feature requests as I start getting back into sequencing for 2016. I'll post them as separate posts here. I'll admit I usually have some strange requests so you should wait to see if anyone else posts that they want these features as well before you consider implementing them.

My first feature request is for the ability to overlay multiple lights in the preview window where they both appear in the preview. As it is today, when you have 2 lights that occupy the same pixel in the preview window there is a sort of Z-order to the lights and only the top/last light in the list is visible. I'm hoping you can make the preview window such that any light effects in that pixel, independent of what light is causing the effect appears. I think you can accomplish this by making the lights appear as transparent when in the off state, instead of appearing as black.

I hope I'm making myself clear. As it is, My preview window is starting to overlap in many locations, and it's starting to get difficult for me to sequence certain effects because I can no longer see them in the preview window. Perhaps a work around would be if I could re-order the lights in the preview. That would give me a way to bring the lights that are not appearing in my preview "to the front"...and then visible again.