Just a reminder that the Tri State (NJ) Epic mini is this weekend. There is still time to sign up. People from across the North East are already arriving!

$30 registration fee is payable via paypal at http://twinklinghouse.com/3Xmas.html

Follow the action on facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/157080087781386/

Presentations, demonstrations, door prizes, lots of tips shared by veteran decorators.....

Topics will likely include:

Triac replacements to include any through hole component
Programming a PIC Hex files, compiling, PICIT programmers
Falcon and Raspberry Pi components
Video Mapping
Nutcracker overview newest updates, where do I start
Sequencing pixels in LOR
P-10 panels what are they and how are they set up
Simple pixel testing what are your techniques
How to incorporate video in your display
Remote access to your display
Setting up a switch - Best practices
Old school display items and element / prop making - for those that are looking for a new or different approach
Show and tell - bring along something your made
What have I learned from my past mistakes?