I would like to request that if the Tab key is pressed at a highlighted cell within the event grid, that it move to the next cell with an event and highlight that one (equivalent to repeatedly pressing the right-arrow key to get to the next event). This would make repetitive "fixups" of things like chase sequences faster and easier, since the keyboard is typically used for more repetitive, heads-down editing (whereas the mouse is typically used for more interactive work on the screen when immediate visual feedback is more critical). A Tab from the last defined event of a channel should move to the first event of the next displayed channel - this would allow easy positioning within a sequence that is not completely filled in yet.

I suppose Shift+Tab should skip to the previous event group, and Control+Tab should do some variation of a tab also. This would make grid edits more consistent with how you would edit text within a word processing doc (groups of adjacent cells with events being equivalent to words, and individual cells being equivalent to characters).

I guess that suggests several other functions that word processors typically have, such as functions to adjust white space (left/right/center justification), etc. Maybe that can be future. For now, I'm just interested in the Tab.