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Thread: Output plugins only see USB1 to USB4.

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    Default Output plugins only see USB1 to USB4.

    I am a beginner. I have 2 Arduino uno cards. My XP machine has 4 usb on the back and 2 in the front. The Arduino program sees 1 card on USB4 and the other card on USB5. Vixen only sees the one on USB4. Where are the other USB ports in Vixen? Don't I need a USB port for each group of 8 channels? I was thinking I needed chan1-8 on usb4 and chan9-16 on usb5. Am I missing something?

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    Default Re: Output plugins only see USB1 to USB4.

    I'm not familiar with the Arduino but Vixen should see any ports that you have plugged in at the time it starts up. So, if you have usb items plugged in it should see 2 com ports. Depending on your setup and whether you can chain the Arduinos you may be able to run only 1 port with all 16 channels.

    It might help also if you make sure you don't have any programs running that would capture any of the plugged in ports.

    If you do need to run separate ports for each Arduino you'll need to setup a separate Output plugin for each one.

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