I am trying to get an idea of how gauge demand for an upcoming spt2 and vampire plug Group Buy. So, if you are interested in these, post in this thread with what items and what amount you would be interested in buying and what city and zip code it is going to. The number of rolls of wire going far from me (Raleigh area of NC) drives the shipping cost, each roll is about 22# (1000') and shipping carriers don't negotiate much.

Depending on how many rolls we can get up to, I hope to get the pricing for 1000' rolls of spt-2 delivered anywhere in the 'lower 48' (Sorry AK and HI) for under $140 (maybe a couple bucks less) ($140 includes shipping) 500' rolls would also be available. I am still working out the details on them.

Vampire plugs, bags of 100. $49 + $6 for shipping. on 1st bag, $2 shipping each additional
Specify male, female or female inline and how many of each.

This is the SAME MANUFACTURER as other domestic vendors use. So there is no difference in the product you would be buying at all. My main reason for endeavoring to even TRY to do this is I have run a business, and I think I can provide not only a little better price, but a reasonably better level of service than I have encountered even though this is just a little sideline.

Remember, this is an INTEREST thread ONLY. You will still need to post in the actual Group Buy thread when it starts to get the amount you wish to have. If I don't get to a high enough quantity for this to make any sense, I will post a message stating so. Shipping from halfway around the world is a little complex and adds a huge amount to the final cost, the postage stamp alone takes 5 gallons of glue.

If there is a lot of demand on spt1 I can also get that priced.


- Gregg

Sorry for any typos. If I forgot anything obvious, like the price or something equally idiotic, please be sure to let me know. My wife won't read this so who will be there to point out every mistake?