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    I have a string of (10) mini canes, 120v that I split into (10) individual 12v canes. running with renard and ssrez. I have 1 that won't light. My meter reads 12 volts at the connectors for the cane but none of the canes that I put there (they were all tested good elsewhere) will light on that channel. ?????
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    Default Re: electrical question

    So a working 12V cane when plugged into a socket measuring 12V will not light the cane?
    You are using a 12VAC transformer?
    Is there a way you can measure the socket voltage with the cane plugged in and does it still measure 12V?

    When you say "1 that won't light" is that only relating 1 channel?
    If so, can you swap parts, like optoisolators, or are they soldered in?

    It could be a bad connection, or a bad ic, or a bad triac, etc.


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