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Let me see if I have this right...

1. Your board (the MPC1) is basically a carrier board for a Teensy and Ethernet module with an OctoWS2811 integrated into it (so you have no need for a separate octo from Adafruit)?

2. How much is the MPC1 Board and do I have to source the components or does it come in a kit? Looks like just a few connectors and resistors to have to solder on and then snap in the Teensy and a Wiz820io or ENC28J60 Ethernet Module? And the MPR1?

3. By my calculations, each pixel on an 8212 needs 3 channels (rgb). So 50 leds by 16 strips is 800 pixels. Each 50 pixel strip is 150 channels. 16 strips are 2400 channels that will need 5 universes?

4. What components will I need? Just 1 Teensy, 1 Ethernet board, 1 MPC1 Controller and 1 MPR1 Receiver? (Plus a couple of beefy 5V supplies)

5. I come out of a laptop or Pi running the show via a network cable that plugs into what, the controller? Then the controller connects to the receiver at the pixel strips? I am still not sure of what connects to what in what order and if I need a router for anything if I am not going through my home network to run anything.

I may not need certain parts if I put it all in one box connected directly to the base of my mega tree. I won't be running from the house, it will be a self contained tree with a star or spinner topper that might have another 150 or so channels.
Yes and more. The board not only has majority of the unused pins used for future options, but it also allows voltage regulators to be installed. The Level Shifter socket is used to allow easy replacement of the chip (like the other popular controllers)

Close guestimate cost: Passive components are about $15-$20, Teensy $18-$22, Wiznet5200/5500 $20. Boards $13 . I plan on selling it as Boards only, boards with Passive components, and boards with everything. I will also have a finished ready to sell version for those who don't want to build it.

I like to keep it simple. Each universe is 170 pixels The MegaPixel Controller (MPC) Code so far can handle 5440 pixels (thats up to 4 universes per SPI(8 of them) = 32 universes). When I setup the controller I use the full 5440 Pixels. Lets say I have a mega tree that is 50 x 16. If it was me I would halve the pixels and put them on two SPI ports. Each port is 680 pixels if configured at 32 universes. each SPI will have 280 pixels left to connect. I can use one or both of those to connect a Star or neighboring element. I don't have to use the left over channels they can go unused. In the software I map the elements to the channels on the controller. Its get interesting because we factor in zigzag order in the setup.

Yes Teensy, w5200 module, MP kit / components or MP boards and you source your own parts from BOM List. The board kit comes with the three boards (controller, and two receiver boards). If you use 5v then there will be no need for the voltage regulator parts. If you do use 12+v supply then there is an additional voltage regulator to be installed with a couple caps.

The Pi or Show pc usually connects to a switch or router. The MPC also connects to same switch or router. The show software setup has the controller as one of its channel destinations. The controller will be in charge of the specified channels allocated to it (in software) Once the controller receives a e1.31 packet it parses it out into pixel data. When it receives the full universe count it sends the pixels a specific timed formatted pulses over the 8 SPI ports.