Last year I started looking into shaming (yes, I am that shallow) the rest of my street with my Christmas Light Experience (calling it a show wouldn't do justice to what I had in mind) for 2015. I knew I wanted to outline the house with WS2812 ribbon lights and create a WS2812 string light megatree; so I started to purchase supplies (had to structure the purchases over the course of several months to keep them under the spousal alert system - not that she would really care, but it makes for a better story).

I purchased a Teensy 3.1 for the mega tree and an Arduino 2560 for the house outline. After countless hours I finally have it all working together using Vixen 3.1 to drive it all. The Arduino uses a different driver for the lights than the Teensy does and that took a while to covert the code and then there was the issue of how to configure Vixen to drive the Teensy megatree. My epiphany came while driving home one afternoon and it came to me: I had to set up the Vixen mega tree to reverse every other strand of my megatree (my tree has 16 strands of 50 lights configured up, down, up, down, etc.).

Mega tree success.

The Teensy was a little difficult because of its multiple outputs designed to drive a matrix display, but once you get past trying to force the output and just accept it, it works wonderfully and it's fast. I'm able to drive my 800 light tree with the Vixen Butterfly effect at it's fastest speed without any appreciable lag.

Please let me know if you are trying to use the Teensy 3.1 (with the OctoWS2811 adapter) do drive WS2812 lights with Vixen 3.1; I might be able to help.