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Ahhh, now that gave me some trouble....
I made the posts first, I forget what size tubing it was, but I do remember is was "drinking water" tubing and fittings I used. It is a bit more expensive than regular PVC but the T's fit the electrical conduit perfectly for a snug fit. I cut the T's to make them slip fit over the conduit. I then drove 5/8" rod into the ground and slid the 'posts' over the rods. Once I got the ring level, I drilled through the bottom of the T through the 5/8 rod, then stuck a short piece of a metal coat hanger through the hole, like a cotter pin. This held the ring down to the ground height I set it at and makes for easy disassembly.
Now that is quite ingenius and gives me ideas to change my plans as I was gonna use rebar. That will never do if I'm gonna need to drill holes. Thanks Wayne!