Every year I have fun adding to the display. This year, I've built a megatree, 32 strings of 50 pixels (actually 16 strings of 100 zig-zagged at 50 by my E682 controller).

I know how to add the megatree into HLS. My quandary is that with my other elements I've used (some of) all 12 universes that my unicast configured E682s will decode.
I need almost 4 more universes to add my new mega tree.

In xlights/nutcracker, I can have two different universe 2's and assign different unicast IP addresses so that they are controlled uniquely. I haven't found a way to implement that in HLS.

Alternatively, while HLS will go over universe 12, my E682 wont.

Is there a way to map channels in HLS so that existing universe 1-4 is mapped to one E682, and I can add the new pixel plane mega tree with another set of universe 1-4 but these outputting the megatree universe 1-4 to another E682 with its own different/unique ip address.

I've been messing with it today and can't make it go.

Is there another way to skin this cat? I could move my show to xlights (want to stay with HLS). I could get a new controller that will interpret addresses 13-16 (want to stay with E682). suggestions?