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    Default New Spooky Eyes by Boscoyo Studio

    For my second installment of Halloween products I will be adding the long awaited Spooky Eyes. A lot of work has gone into these from making a fixture plate just to hold the round pipe to finding the best materials to use. Made from 2" Black ABS pipe, you will not have to paint the pipe. We install a lens to diffuse the light and help hide the LED's. We cap the pipe with two vinyl caps to finish it off with a professional look. The Spooky Eyes are designed to use a 3 led rectangular module. We cut the mounting hole and have added bump outs to allow you to get the wires in and out, as well as providing two screw holes to secure the module to the pipe.

    Pricing will be finalized Monday once I order the vinyl end caps. I have samples right now to determine the proper size to order. I expect the cost to be around $30 for the set of 6 eyes. Each Spooky Eye will include the 8" section of pipe, HDPE Lens, two screws to mount the module, and two end caps.

    They can be purchased here:

    Additional Styles:

    Small Video:

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