I thought I read in the group buy main post it supported 4 universes? Is that old information and the # has been refined through further testing?

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A) It mounts at a right angle so I'm hoping it'll clear. I'm still waiting on the connectors I ordered to show up and will do a fitment test when I get them. There a little odd at 3.96 pitch, but keeps it open to use the wafers or euros.

B) The firmware currently only supports a single universe, but I'm pretty confident it could support two if required. I've tested 4 universe before, but its a little sketchy and you get some resets. I'll try dragging some more lights out this week and see what I can do.

C) I don't have any GECE stuff in the firmware or lights to test with. It's just WS2811 for now, but I could look at adding it if someone wanted to send me a light or two.