I've been chatting about this a little in my E1.31 Arduino Library thread. It's an E1.31 WiFi pixel controller, built around the ESP8266 in an Arduino enviornment. I have a write-up on it on my site here. I'm considering doing a group buy on these if there's enough interest. I would be offering them in kit form with all SMD pre-soldered and full BOM, and as a board itself (no BOM). My goal is to get the kits down to $10 each for a group buy, minus the ESP-01 module which is around $3.50. I'm planning to move to a europlug vs the wafer so people don't need crimpers, but please indicate which you prefer. Chime in if you have any interest, thanks!


ESPixelStick prototype:

Admin Page on a Nexus 4:

ESPixelSticks in action: