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Thread: 20W Flood RGB LED driver board (WS2811)

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    Default 20W Flood RGB LED driver board (WS2811)

    New version of my 20W RGB LED driver board is coming soon. The difference between old and new is addition of WS2811 decoder.

    20W driver board will function just like it's little 10W brother, but will require 24V power supply.

    See my wiki page for assembly instructions.

    The price will also be higher (due to larger PCB.) Compared to 10W, 20W enclosure is about 3x more expensive, ~$15-$16.
    LEDs are $3.75.
    PCB with BOM (pre-assembled) will be $5.50, but I am also considering offering fully assembled boards, in which case the price would be ~$7.
    Since there are several different types of 20W LEDs out there, LEDs will most likely be available as GB option to avoid problems.
    The total cost of the flood (without the pigtail) will be about $25-$27

    GB will start in mid July

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