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Thread: DM-10x DMX decoders with custom firmware

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    Default Re: DM-10x DMX decoders with custom firmware

    Nice, it works for me too. Thank you for the fix!

    (And as a hint, I realize it to late but if "red" isn't working you should'nt leave it running and think "hey, at least red is always on" .... the pin isn't either on or off, its floating an after some time the mosfet will burn away )

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    Default Re: DM-10x DMX decoders with custom firmware

    When i read through this before i thought the term dm-10x was referring generically to the dm-xxx series of controllers, as in dm-101, dm100dc, dm-103 etc, but after just reading again i guess there is a separate model dm-10x? Where can i find more details about it?

    Also same with YX-103, is that another type of led controller or from the same DM- series?

    What are the differences between yx-103 and dm-10x and the dm-103 (for example). Is there some place that explains each controller in the series in detail? I've only been able to find translated pages, and most of those are copied from other models' spec sheets so isn't even right.

    Most of the Dm series controllers have the 4 solder pads for the usb header, will this mod work on those as well (or 101, or 103, 104, 107 etc)?

    Where do you buy the yx-103 or dm-10x? I couldn't find them on the usual places like alibaba or aliexpress

    These are Q's i've tried for years to find answers to from the mfg, from sellers, or anyone who will respond- it's been pretty rare to find anyone (even the mfg!) who knows anything about them. Surprising and a shame, i'd be buying dozens on a regular basis if i can make it work for our project.

    Does anyone know what Pin and Pout (it's only on some of the dm models) is used for?

    Thanks for any info- it's been impossible to find detailed info for any of these controllers, i've emailed sellers for example who i guess don't know anything about it, they're just drop-shipping. These controllers really make some things possible that you couldn't easily do otherwise. i wish there was more info about them.

    So many other questions about these controllers, sorry for such a long post. Sometimes i see a model listed in two different places (the dm-104 for example) they look like two completely different controllers to the pictures, and none of the sellers knows anything about them. This is one of the few places i've seen a few people who seem be familiar..

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