This is FYI only , I am not promoting any vendor here .

I am posting this based on experience .

These pixels are in my opinion the best in quality and in durability in a Diyrs price range .

I have over 6000 of these and have had only 3 partial failures in 4 years , of which 1 was self inflicted .

While using a hammer I directly hit a pixel in a silicone sleeve and lost the red , only blue and green now work on that pixel . lol

I am extremely hard and abusive on equipment , I will put things through their paces well beyond their expectations .

The real plus with these pixels is you can hot plug them without issue .

Ray wu , Clen led and lisa jiang @ Huayang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

are good suppliers of tls 3001 pixels at prices most can afford .

Purchasing direct is always the best to get the savings buget minded are looking for .