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Thread: RJ45 inline jack?

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    Default RJ45 inline jack?

    I'm sure I saw a picture of someone putting an RJ45 jack in the PVC housing that contains a DirkCheapSSR.

    How does this work? I can't find any part that would work great for that.

    A sealed RJ45 jack on a short cable that can be soldered to the DirkCheapSSR would be the ideal. Does such a thing exist? It's not like you can take a cat5 'extension cord' and cut it in half.

    Otherwise, what are my best options? Using an RJ45 plug and a coupler, or alternatively a wall mounted jack like a Leviton Quickport?

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    Default Re: RJ45 inline jack?

    I posted an idea a couple of years ago that integrates a right angle RJ45 jack in the PVC enclosure for Dirk's Cheap SSR's - See post #35 at

    Let me know if you have any questions. These have worked great for the past 2 seasons.
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    Default Re: RJ45 inline jack?

    I have seen the rj45 mounted in the bottom of a ta200 also but it would be hard to weather proof depending on your climate. With the snow and rain we get I didn't take a close look at it. Very clean install that won't work here.
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    Default Re: RJ45 inline jack?

    I've been using these for years. They are a weatherproof bulkhead mount cat5 jack on a pigtail.


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