I believe this is a bug.

A while back I requested the ability to have the delete key mapped to the fast delete option. Joe, you added a new menu item that does this. I dont have HLS in front of me so I don't recall what the menu item is exactly. Anyway when you select it, it does work and places a check next to item in the menu, so the menu item acts like a toggle switch.

I noticed when I restart HLS the check was gone. So I assumed that you just didn't program HLS so that it stores the state of that menu item. That was a little disappointing, but oh well I'd just need to set that menu item each time I started HLS. But then I've been noticing some strangeness with the menu item. When HLS is restarted the check is gone and it looks like the delete key will do a slow delete, but when I try to delete something it gives me the fast delete warning. So it looks like you ARE saving the state of that menu item, but you are forgetting to visually draw the check next to the menu item.

Another clue that this is the case is that if I try to check that option in the menu, the first time it always appears to fail (no check appears). assume that is because to HLS I'm actually unchecking it.

Anyway I wanted to pass it along.