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Thread: DIY Plus??

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    Are you there Brian...????
    I've always wanted to see LINY...!!!!
    Not twisting yer arm or anything....
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    I think Kansas is central for the US guys and anything is not central for the others. Although I have never been to Mexico??? Aruba is nice BJ and I like it there alot??? Or we could cut it in the middle and all go to England. I always have meant to fly to Alaska??? I can fly to the outer bahamas in about an hour and a half in the plane??? Have you guys been to Key west yet??? thats 50 minutes away by air for me. Better yet walt disney is only 50 minute drive (they have a runway but won't let you land there) from here lets just do it here and I won't have to go anywhere. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbro
    I think we should start moving on this if there is interest. Like I said before, I would assist in any planning.

    Would we do it at someone's house or need to get a place because we may have travelers that want to stay the night. I would even be willing to contact venders to see if they would be interested in sending demo items for us.

    In any event, I think this would be a great idea and I will do whatever is needed.

    If you are into Camping then I think the location should be North Pole , NY!
    Kids will like Santa's Workshop!
    Ok, its very out of the way, but they may have passenger rail access soon!

    Its a dream idea actually. It is far from realistic though (unless Lake Placid gets a major airport)

    Tony M.
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    Jeff, I am here. With the extension going on I have little time to do anything else. I would be happy to have a mini in the early spring on '08!

    Any takers?
    Brian, your friendly site Admin.

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    He He, I live in Kansas
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    and I live in LI

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    St. Louis is central US, and they seem to have a pretty good airport.

    non-stop flights to St. Louis:

    Destination, Airline

    Albuquerque, NM Southwest
    Atlanta, GA AirTran, American Delta
    Austin, TX American
    Baltimore, MD American, Southwest
    Birmingham, AL Southwest
    Boston, MA American
    Burlington, IA Great Lakes
    Cancun, Mexico Frontier
    Cedar Rapids, IA American
    Charlotte, NC American, US Airways
    Chicago, IL (Midway) Southwest
    Chicago, IL (O'Hare) American, United
    Cincinnati, OH Delta
    Cleveland, OH Continental, Southwest
    Columbus, OH American, Southwest
    Dallas, TX (DFW Int'l) American
    Dallas, TX (Love Field) Southwest
    Dayton, OH American
    Decatur, IL Great Lakes
    Denver, CO American, Frontier, United
    Des Moines, IA American
    Detroit, MI Northwest, Southwest
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL American, Southwest
    Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Great Lakes
    Ft. Myers, FL American, USA 3000
    Hartford, CT American
    Houston, TX (Hobby) Southwest
    Houston, TX (Intercontinental) Continental
    Indianapolis, IN American
    Jacksonville, FL American
    Kansas City, MO Southwest
    Las Vegas, NV American, Southwest
    Litle Rock, AR Southwest
    Los Angeles, CA American, Southwest
    Louisville, KY Southwest
    Madison, WI American
    Marion, IL Great Lakes
    Memphis, TN American, Northwest
    Miami, FL American
    Milwaukee, WI American, Midwest Connect
    Minneapolis, MN American, Northwest
    Nashville, TN American
    New Orleans, LA American
    New York, NY (JFK) American, Delta
    New York, NY (LaGuardia) American
    Newark, NJ American, Continental
    Norfolk, VA American
    Northwest Arkansas Regional American
    Oklahoma City, OK American, Southwest
    Omaha, NE Southwest
    Orlando, FL AirTran, American, Southwest
    Philadelphia, PA American, US Airways
    Phoenix, AZ Southwest, US Airways
    Pittsburg, PA US Airways
    Quincy, IL Great Lakes
    Raleigh/Durham, NC American
    Richmond, VA American
    Salt Lake City, UT Delta, Southwest
    San Antonio, CA American
    San Diego, CA American
    San Francisco, CA American
    Santa Ana, CA American
    Sarasota, FL AirTran
    Seattle, WA American
    Springfield, MO American
    Springfield, IL American
    St. Petersburg, FL USA 3000
    Tampa, FL American, Southwest
    Toronto, Canada Air Canada Jazz
    Tulsa, OK American, Southwest
    Washington, DC (Dulles) American, United
    Washington, DC (National) American
    Wichita, KS American

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    I'm in have any places been picked yet. I have seen a rumor about one in GA in April?


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    Default Re: DIY Plus??

    Well..... since a location seems to be hard to choose, how about this.....

    How about we all just meet at the Philli Mini? It is already being organized, and a good bit of our friends will be there.

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    Talking Re: DIY Plus??

    I think ill leave friday morning this time

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