I purchased 3 e68x boards from a Diyc member awhile back and just go to testing them .

I had issue on 2 of the 3 not responding .

On investigating I discovered that within the rj45 mag both of the #8 pins were completely collapsed .

The reason > the person I purchased these from was obviously making his own patch cables and using a cheap crimp tool

I could see a groove carved in the mag housing where the uncompressed pin was rubbing upon insertion.

this lead me to the discovery of the collapsed pin inside the mag .

I made this same mistake initially , purchasing one of these tools only to discover that it only compressed 7 of the 8 pins on the module properly.

Upon crimping my first patch cable and testing I noted the issue right away as the rj45 did not fit smoothly into the rj45 tester

this tool was deposited to the trash .