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Thread: Why closing preview window takes too much time?

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    Default Why closing preview window takes too much time?

    Today I spent around 3 hrs on testing related to preview window.

    Here are my results in my current sequence:
    - With option "Preview Sequence Grid Only" closing preview window took HLS 6minutes and 35s (6:35)
    - Without "Preview Sequence Grid Only" (viewing the whole sequence with all effects): opening the preview window took 2:15 and closing it took 3:05. (total 5:20) Which confirmed that using "Preview Sequence Grid Only" options is not efficient at all.

    Joe please, is it possible to do anything with it? I spend 2/3 of my time waiting on HLS than on sequencing.
    Is anybody out there using more then 10K pixels in the display? If yes, please speak up!

    I also noticed 1 thing:
    Today I reorganized my folders and I was missing the preview file for a while (in Edit Preview or Make One). When I could not pick it from the "Select Which Preview to use with Sequence" my only option was to close the "Edit Preview ToolBar" popup. This triggered another "Channel Count" event which took several minutes. Despite there was not any change at all. Just closing a popup window. Could this and the previous issue be somehow related?
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    Default Re: Why closing preview window takes too much time?

    In looking over they Preview Display Grid early this morning, I noticed that I had not implemented a POST Preview Display Grid process.

    I had the code done and tested --- I was waiting for my next release.

    You had not mentioned POST preview so I was not concerned about an immediate release.

    22U has it in.

    A comment on how long things take.

    I have managed to postpone some processing while you are working in the Grid --- like a couple of years ago --- Pixel people would delete several hundred effects and then complain how long the delete took.

    I shifted most of the lengthy delete process to the END -- Preview or OUTPUT.

    When you are dealing with thousands of channels that are multipleied by foreground channels, background channels, lighting Channels, PixelPlane channels, and Segment channels --- it takes X amount of time to get everything properly set to be displayed in the Preview or Output.

    You can't change the physics of things and you can't change the amount of time it takes. You can shift time and delay time -- but in the end --- you have to wait for the whole time.

    That's the price of pixels.

    Knowing it takes time to process for Preview -- why are you doing it multiple times?

    Now that I have included a shortened POST preview process when Previewing what in the Grid --- your time should be less.


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    Default Re: Why closing preview window takes too much time?

    I think I am seeing the same problem as Petulka when I am using HLS. I only have one screen right now and the preview takes up a lot of it. So when I want to view the sequence I have to load the preview - run it for a bit. Figure out I want to change something - close the preview window - make changes - and then load the preview again to see the changes. I have tried moving the preview window mostly off screen but there are some things you cannot do while the preview window is open - such as bring up the HLS toolbar.

    It would be great if there was an option to show preview when playing a sequence but hid it while the sequence is stopped. Then you would only need to rebuild the preview when major things change. Maybe this is possible today, I am just not aware of how it works.


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