My neighbor, across the street, is joining me this year with his own Christmas lighting.
We will be controlling both homes from my computer wirelessly. He has purchased
some Renard SS Kits, which I assembled for him. He is at the point of beginning to
purchase his lights. I am inclined to suggest that he start with LED strings instead of
incandescent. I have almost 30,000 lights in my own display and 99% are incans.
I have thought about converting to LED, but I would have to do it a little at a time
because of the expense !! If he decides to go the LED route, can anyone suggest any
local retail stores that sell LED Strings that are already "full wave"? I know he can purchase
them online, but would rather get them locally, if possible. We do not have Menard's,
but do have Target, Walmart, Lowes, Homedepot, etc. I am not that familiar with
the commercial brands that are already full wave, so any suggestions would be greatly