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Thread: Ren PX1 Setup application

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    Default Ren PX1 Setup application

    I have created a small application which assists in setting up a PX1 pixel controller. This takes the place of using a vixen sequence to configure the PX1, as outlined in the wiki.

    The information entered into the app, should be as directed on the PX1 Wiki page.

    The only difference is that you do not need to enter the MSB bit, this is determined progamatically, in accordance with the Wiki page.

    After entering your setup details, simply connect your PX1 and click Write Data, you will get a confirmation if the data was sent successfully, but as before, the LEDs on the PX1 should behave as according to the wiki as and indication
    as to the data being accepted and saved.

    My ability to test it so far has been limited by my small pixel count (5) purchased only for the development of this application. While it works as expected here on my end, I am not a PX1 expert, so if you encounter any issues, or have suggestions, please post them here, comments welcome as well.

    Big thanks to DIYC member Aurbo99 for helping sort out the issue, the application is now available again.

    You may obtain the application here:

    Thank you,
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