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Thread: Assembling SSR's (with daisey chain option)

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    Default Re: Assembling SSR's (with daisey chain option)

    This of course is not an issue if you are using SSRneons !
    They have a neon bulb to tell you that AC is present.

    Check out the wiki:

    Quote Originally Posted by deplanche View Post
    An important thing to note is that you can have 110 V on the SSR and no LED lit up. So don't use the LED as an indication that it is safe to touch or not.

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    Default Re: Assembling SSR's (with daisey chain option)

    One thing I have been unable to figure out... How do you set the channel(s) on the SSR? I have (2) Lynx Express, they have 1 RJ45 for the DMX in and 2-RJ45 for DMX out. The boards are connected in serial form teh first DMX out to the DMX in and both work well but the second LE has the ability of setting the srating channel on the board.

    I am looking at building a MEGA Tree or series of arches (or both if the boys have their way). I have seen AC-SSRs with 64 channels much less expensive than additional LEs. Does anyone know if I could connect the 64 channel SSR to the DMX Out of one of the DMX secound outputs and control one tree with one SSR. My questions are:

    1 - Do I lose any functionality by using an SSR instead of LE?
    2 - How could I set the first channel of the SSR? Despite the LE being in front of the SSR, could I set the start channel on the LE to 65, alowing the SSR to assume 1-64?
    3 - Is there a better way???

    Thanks for everyone's help!

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