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Thread: VO2223A alternatives

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    Default VO2223A alternatives

    Ran across a couple optotriac familys which are pin compatible w/the VO2223A. The Sharp PRxxMF1xNSZ and Panasonic AQ-H series. Has anyone else used either of these?

    On the Sharp side, the PR39MF12NSZF with a minimum trigger current of 5mA seems of interest as a possible solution to some of the trigger issues reported with the 2223 (without changing resistors at least). Downside is that it's more expensive. Not sure if the 0.9A max current is meaninfully different from the 1A of the 2223, might be for some people.

    There are several other choices in this family, from 300 to 900mA output current, and 5 or 10mA trigger current. The PR39MF11NSZF and PR39MF51NSZF are closer in cost to the 2223, but share its 10mA trigger current. Be careful of the PRxxMF2x series, those have internal zero cross circuitry, but are otherwise numbered the same.

    Of the Panasonic chips, the AQH3223 might be of interest if you need >1A output current. Otherwise, they're more expensive than the 2223 at the moment. No 5mA trigger options from them, at least that I've been able to find so far. Also, be careful of the AQHxx13 parts, they have internal zero cross circutry.

    All in all, seems like the VO2223A is still the most cost effective choice for most needs. However, these additional options seem to provide a decent alternative if the 2223s aren't in stock, or if you have a need for lower trigger current or higher output capacity.
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