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Thread: A "HOW TO" converting Vixen 2.x to HLS

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    Default A "HOW TO" converting Vixen 2.x to HLS

    Hi all,

    After going through the exercise of converting my Vixen sequences into HLS sequences I agreed to write up a quick how to. I hope it helps some of my fellow 'Vixenites'. I got a lot of help along the way and this is my small contribution of a like kind.

    Importing a Sequence from Vixen

    I converted Vixen 2.5 files so the flattening procedure I mention below might or might not be required for Vixen 2.1. As I understand it, Vixen 2.5 has a dimming curve issue that Vixen 2.1 does not have. Therefore the HLS conversion process does not account for dimming curves that reside in V2.5. So you might get away with not flattening your V2.1 sequences. But it's pretty easy in case you want to just in case.

    1. Copy the Vixen sequence, that you wish to convert, into a folder in order to preserve your original .vix file as you will flatten the one you use for HLS. (For certain Vixen 2.5 sequences.....HLS will NOT convert properly or at all if you don't perform the flattening using the Vixen profile flattening procedure described below.)

    2. Open Vixen 2.x. Navigate to the location of the file you save in #1 above. Open this file as you normally do in Vixen.

    3. Click on “Profiles” from the main menu. Select the option “Flatten profile into sequence.”

    4. When prompted by the warning click “YES.”

    5. If you get a second warning box about channel numbers not matching click “YES.” You may or may not get this warning.

    6. Click “SAVE” to lock in the flattened sequence. You will use this flattened sequence in a few moments.

    7. Open HLS and click “File.”

    8. Select “Start New Sequence I’ll walk you through.”

    9. Click “Yes”, “Yes”.

    10. Enter the name you want for the sequence.

    11. Click “OK.”

    12. Click “Yes” to load your song.

    13. Click on the “Select WAV File” button.

    14. Navigate to the wav file and click on it. (NOTE: Wav file has to be in 44100 sample rate format.)

    15. After a question or 2 (answer OK/yes to all) Click “I’m done.”

    16. Click “OK.”

    17. Under the File menu, select “Import a Vixen File.” – You will be prompted to select the VIX file you want to convert. NOTE: The Vixen file has to have the profile flattend…then the Vixen file saved in the flattened state. (see above)

    18. Select/click on the .VIX file you would like to convert.

    19. Click “Open.”

    20. Click “OK.”

    21. Name the file. You’ll see the name you already created above in the file box above….just click on it to use that name. You may see a note about HLS making a slight timing adjustment to the VIX timing to make it more exact.

    22. Select “Save.”

    23. Click "Yes", "Yes" to replace the old file. The conversion will take place and you will see a note showing that the channels have been converted. This may take some time.

    24. Click “Yes/OK” a final time to acknowledge save completed. You may note some warnings…about timing ticks…..just say “OK", "OK.”

    25. After the conversion you can choose the “Manage Channels” menu.

    26. Click on “Select channels to Assign To A Display Group” and you should see your converted channels from the old Vixen sequence ready for you to work with in HLS.

    Good luck and may your lights blink and flash the nights away!

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