Hi all, I live in Western PA about 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh, right near Moraine State Park. I see that some of you are near the area and would like to know if there would be any interest in putting together a small meeting to get to know each other and discuss ideas and learn from each other. It would be open to ANYONE from ANWHERE who would like to attend. I just think that it would be a cool idea to get a better understanding of HOW-TO's and boards and things. I would be willing to open my home to a small meeting but its a small home so if it would get bigger we would need to find a place to meet. I would like to shoot for somewhere in the time frame of April 19th which is a Saturday. Hopefully maybe some of the more educated people would be willing to make the trip and help a newbie learn, but if not, then we atleast get the chance to meet each other and discuss our plans for the upcoming season.
Chuck (CP1)