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Thread: 682 and Vixen 2.5

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    Default 682 and Vixen 2.5

    I have my 682 built and tested, now I want to hook it up and try it with lights.
    Can I run it on my home network?
    What plug in do I need for Vixen 2.5 and where can I get it?
    Should I make the leap to HLS? Ran my first show this year with Vixen 2.5 and had a fantastic time. Great reviews and looking forward to adding Pixels to the show. I am not real strong with networking, but I have no problem with my home network setup.
    A diagram would be nice!
    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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    Default Re: 682 and Vixen 2.5

    I would suggest you download SACNView first to test your lights - it's on sourceforge and can do a variety of different tests. This will ensure you have a working E682 and lights before jumping into the sequencers. You can plug the E682 directly into your PC/laptop if you wish. The board defaults to so you need to configure your ethernet interface to be on the same subnet. You should then be able to log into your E682 and configure the board and go from there.

    This thread should be moved from here though - - it has nothing to do with plug-in development.

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    Default Re: 682 and Vixen 2.5

    You would use the e1.31 output plugin. Others here have much more experience with pixels than I do, so I am interested in a diagram as well.

    I would stick with Vixen, but go with 3.x - it is going to rock when we get it to its first stable release and then only get better from there.

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    Diagram anyone. That would be sweet
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