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I would like to create a output module for Vixen 3. I have been running Vixen 2 for about a decade with an output plugin I wrote for it to go with my custom dongle. I an looking at Vixen 3 and believe I can write an outputmodule based on the generic serial output module provided. I am having problems getting the source to build. I downloaded 3.6u4 from the vixenlights gethub. I can't seem to find where the most recent mailing list is. How can I get started?
The development group is on Google groups under Vixen Development. You should be able to add a request to join that group and we can approve you. Let me know if you have any issues finding it. You will need Visual Studio 2019 with the C++ build tools installed to be able to build it. I need to update the readme with the current requirements.