There is no way I expect any of there this year, but I will throw them out there and maybe Santa Joe will surprise us.
If not, I can still hope for next year.

#1 Size or modify a block.
We can move a block with the group move option, first lets assume we are talking about a single effect copied to multiple channels. Say a 3/4 second ramp down from 80 to 20 percent duplicated for the next 15 channels.
I would like to be able to select the group and change the length to 1.25 seconds and the ramp to 100 to 40 as 2 steps. Not having to select and modify each one individually.

#2 Adjust to beat. This one is cool and everyone else will copy it.
We have a designated beat channel where you can mark the beats.
I would like to be able to select a block, and have the program adjust all effects to start on the nearest beat, and end just before the nearest beat as determined by the beat channel.
I would use this for my swags that pulse to the beat.
Just a fade the comes on, on the beat and fades down until the next beat.