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Thread: 6 Port E1.31 to DMX Bridge Pre-Sale

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    Default Re: 6 Port E1.31 to DMX Bridge Pre-Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by jeffl View Post
    I see some benefits to using this device compared to the Ether Dongle that I currently use. The ED has served me well that last two years but I wonder if there would possibly be benefits to using this device instead.

    For my educational purposes, What are be some of the benefits besides unicast support and building and playing with a new toy? I'm only using 2 universes of DMX with S3 controlling many LE's and a few LOR DC boards at the current time.
    The main benefit I see over the ED is you have 6 DMX universes vs. 4. The ED also only has one output RJ45, so in DMX mode you need some sort of splitter to split the 4 pairs from the one RJ45 Jack to 4. However you probably already do this because you are running 2 universes of DMX.

    The other nice feature on this bridge is the web page configuration and information option. That allows you to do the setup and see activity from a web page view which is very handy. You also have configuration options like unicast and multicast. The ED is a multicast listener only and does not have graphical configuration options.

    I have this bridge and ED's and they have both worked flawlessly in my shows.

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    Default Re: 6 Port E1.31 to DMX Bridge Pre-Sale

    A few possible options that might be nice. The one was the web page for sure seeing the packets and errors. The other was I'm not sure if the ED sends out data any faster than 50ms. I'm not sure on this however. It may have been the pixelnet output that was only 50ms. Unicast might also be nice with other devices on my network not having to deal with the other packets.

    My display is still frozen to the ground so I thought it might be a good time to test some new hardware.
    Just remember. Wireless is nice. Copper is king!

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