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Thread: Song suggestions

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    Default Song suggestions

    Alright, we're only 3 months away and I am looking for song suggestions.

    What songs will you be sequencing?

    So far the only one I am working on is this :

    I am looking for more suggestions.

    My display will consist of 3 singing pumpkin faces, 20 tombstones with lighted eyes, 3 RGB pumpkins, and various pixel strings.

    I would be willing to trade sequences if anyone is interested.

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    Default Re: Song suggestions

    witch queen of new orleans - redbone
    love potion #9 - the clovers
    Werewolf Bar Mitzvah - tracy morgan
    Drac's Back - andy forray
    I put a spell on YOU - jay hawkins
    I’m Your Boogie Man - KC and the sunshine band
    Ghostbusters - ray parker jr
    Welcome to my nightmare - Alice cooper
    Legend of Wooley Swamp - Charlie Daniels band
    O Fortuna - carl orff
    Oingo Boingo - no one lives forever
    Somebodys watching me - rockwell
    dragula - rob zombie
    witch doctor Chipmunks and David Seville
    Nightmare On My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
    Crypt Keeper Jam - my favorite
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    Default Re: Song suggestions

    Go through the entire song set from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is Halloween is a good one - lots of voices there to play with - there's even a Marilyn Manson version which is kind of neat...

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    Default Re: Song suggestions

    I will have 4 songs this year, Maybe 5.

    I am mostly done with
    Monster Mash
    Ghost Buster
    The Vampire Song (by Concrete Blonde)

    and Maybe
    For Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica)
    I'm only about 25% done with this one and really need to get started on Christmas.


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    Default Re: Song suggestions


    Single pumpkin, last years playlist:
    Welcome to My Nightmare (smooth jazz version)
    Monster Mash
    Werewolves of London
    Purple People Eater
    Dead Man's Party (Oingo Boingo)
    Unholy (Kiss)
    This is Halloween (Manson)
    Enter Sandman (Metallica)

    2013 Quartet work in progress

    most of above, gone will be the screaming marilyn manson and the original score from the movie is synced and ready to import to vixen, looking awesome. (should have a test run tonight)
    some rehash of the above to add backup singers
    a few new possibilities are (artists/versions TBD)

    Somebody's Watching Me
    Bark at the Moon
    Shout at the Devil
    Welcome to My Nightmare (Cooper)
    Crazy Nights (Kiss)
    Feed My Frankenstein
    Highway to Hell
    Mr. Crowley


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