Hello all you DIYCers

Just wanted to drop a line here and say I have been reading the threads coming about for building your own website and I think it is great. I decided I wanted one too but due to my lack of knowledge about computers I found it extremely difficult to understand it. I was putting this thread out there for the folks like me who want to have a website for their display or charity but don't know much about this aspect of the computer world. To put this in short terms I did some looking around and found Weebly Website Builder when I bought my hosting site. This website builder is extremely easy to use if you are not familiar with a lot of the terminology of computers but are into this hobby and want a website. Like I said before I love this hobby and I know there are others out there that do also and would like a website so I wanted to put this out there. By the way, and I'm sure there are others, but I used JustHost.com for my hosting site and it was under $3.75 a month and you get free domian registration to get you started. I was able to save the 10 bucks to register my first website so that kind of lowers the price also.

Anyways I hope this might help the folks like me who enjoy the hobby but don't know computers that well. Good Luck to all and hope to see some more websites.