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Thread: E681 completed. Next, RGB blinky flashy!

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    Default Re: E681 completed. Next, RGB blinky flashy!

    Quote Originally Posted by tfischer View Post
    My only "gotcha" was that for 12V operation (which requires 2 jumpers on the L-shaped power jumper set) I was short one jumper (5V requires only one). Thankfully I found some here at work - I stole one of the buffer jumpers to do my power-on tests.
    The BOM indicates 5 jumpers - but it should be 6 for this reason. The other minor thing is the additional two decoupling caps (the instructions say "nine or seven") - it appears that there was change at some point but it looks like it should always be 7 from now on. Not a biggie but a note for the next round.

    I would change the instructions just a bit here and there to follow the lowest-to-highest rule a bit closer - but other than that the instructions are very good.

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    Default Re: E681 completed. Next, RGB blinky flashy!

    Just got word that E681 kit's 2 and 3 are out for delivery to the group buy host. Should have them in hand by weeks end. The box will have ELOR kit's 2 and 3 in it too...


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