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Thread: Vixen and LFI player for laser shows

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    Default Vixen and LFI player for laser shows

    I am looking to make vixen send commands to LFI player which is for laser projectors.
    LFI player has a live show part which I found (with the help of the author) can be controlled with a serial port although it wasn't documented.

    The live show part has 12 pages with 48 cues on each page for 576 possible ild laser graphic files you can select from.

    The serial syntax to switch is CUE=1 ... 48 and PAGE=1 .... 12

    These commands act as if you have pressed the buttons in live show. So to play cue 4 on page 2 you would first send the command PAGE=2 to switch to page two if you aren't already on it, and then send CUE=4

    I was able to test this using com0com to create a virtual serial link and hyperterminal to send the ascii commands.

    LFI player can be found here and is free and open source, to use the live show part you need to download the demo files found with the old version here and run the demo.clv file and the live show window will show up.

    Anyone willing to help?

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    Default Re: Vixen and LFI player for laser shows

    Have you tried the launcher plug-in to send the commands to the serial port via a .bat file.

    Did a quick search for commands and bat files and found the below as an example

    MODE COM3:9600,N,8,1>NUL
    ECHO your text >COM3

    I have had an laser project sitting in my garage for two years now with the hopes of having it running this year.


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