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How I costed mine for about a 12ft to 13ft tree with a good covering of pixels (Electrical items only the tree stand / frame and wires are not included).

42 per strand * 32 strands = 1344 pixels / 50 (qty sold in) = 27 strands.
http://www.aliexpress.com/fm-store/7...ull-color.html = $26.32 / strand * 27 strands = $710.64 + shipping.

If you are buying strings that are 50 pixels per string, then the 42 pixels per strand as you state above cant be wrapped.
As least, not in the current Nutcracker target modeler

Topology choices are BOT_TO_TOP, UP/DOWN NEXT.

I currently dont support wrapping 42 pixels of your 50 pixel string and then wrapping 8 pixels down and then start the next string.

So for 50 pixel string
BOT_TO_TO{P, each strand has 50 pixels
UP/DOWN NEXT, each strand has 25 pixels
UP/DOWN NEXT3, each strand has 16.

This is the reason I am going with the larger 128 count strings.

128 Count string
BOT_TO_TOP, 128 pixels
UP/DOWN NEXT, 64 pixels per strand
UP/DOWN NEXT3, 41 pixels per strand
UP/DOWN NEXT4, 32 pixels per strand
UP/DOWN NEXT8, 16 pixels per strand

This last option (Which has not been released yet), is how i built a 2 string tree that was 4' tall and i included the effects on that mini tree in my first post.

I do plan on supporting partial wrappings, it will probably be this summer.