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Thread: Since Nutcracker has become real, I want pixels!

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    Default Since Nutcracker has become real, I want pixels!

    OK, so this great app shows up. It makes pixel megatrees look so easy. I don't have pixels, so I have tons of questions and since this is a How Do I part of the list, I'm asking all of the questions at once.

    What's a "standard" number of strands (meaning spacing between strands) on a megatree when using pixels? Let's assume a ten foot tree for now. This would give me an cost estimate just for the lights. There also must be a standard way of assigning addresses for each pixel, I'm guessing. For instance, pixel one is probably next to pixel two, but is it the next one down or the next one over? For Nutcracker to work, I'm guessing it has to know this.

    What's a good selection for hardware to do this? I'm still hoping to understand how to get from a pc running Vixen to a lit pixel on a display in my front yard. There seems to be a few standard boards but I think I'm confusing protocol and hardware nomenclature. Pictures and/or diagrams are always helpful to us really old farts. I'm not asking about the little controller chips on the pixel strings here, but the boards I'd use to connect the pixels to and the device needed to get the signal from the pc to next piece of hardware. Hence my hardware cost estimate.

    It's expensive, at least for my current budget, and there doesn't seem to be a true DIY solution anywhere. There are build-yourself boards and pixel strings that I can cut and connect, but again, recommendations or examples of what others have used might be nice. It's probably not something I can "experiment" with and buy different hardware over and over.

    I know there's a wiki started somewhere on this, or at least it was supposed to be started. I've not looked real hard yet, but I will. So please, pictures, videos, and diagrams of complete solutions that have already been done.

    Once I get the hang of it, I can start venturing into something that might not be "standard", but for now, I'd really just like to get a working model.

    Thanks as always.
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