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Thread: my project

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    I really should stay off these forums. Saw this and have spent the last week or so playing with ideas . Well away from display Items I decided to build a clock .
    Here is mostly finished project just got to case it .
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    2012 Plans
    1 J1Sys ECG-P12R Controller and 2 ECG-P2 Controllers
    1 [URL=""]Pixel Megatree[/URL] (Finished)
    3 Pixel Arches replacing my 2011 clear arches (cant decide on design)
    20 x [URL=""]3D Mini Trees[/URL]
    40 x [URL=""]Mini Roof Stars[/URL] (Finished)
    [URL=""]Columns[/URL] (Qty to be decided)
    Pixels Pixels Pixels

    [URL=""]3 x RGB arches[/URL]
    6 x [URL=""]RGB Window Display Trees[/URL]
    2 x [URL=""]RGB Window Display Bells[/URL]
    6 x [URL=""]RGb Window stars[/URL]
    5 X [URL=""]Mini arches RGB[/URL]
    [URL=""]1 x RGB Bethlehem Star[/URL]
    14metres of [URL=""]Eave Lights[/URL]

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    Quote Originally Posted by corytcline View Post
    I'm also wondering how easy it would be to make a "hollow" infinity mirror - ie, make it a circular shape and then put something else in the center so the inifinity effect surrounds that real object (which could be a lighted prop).
    maybe this will help you out on that idea.
    I got all my info from searching infinity mirror on you tube. It will bring up several how to videos. I thought about making something in the middle due to I had some lights left over but I am going to make one out of a picture frame to hang on the wall wife's request.

    I found one that shows how ramping and fading the lights can make it appear to move:

    This has some interesting possibilities for syncing with music!

    EDIT: Okay, so now I'm wondering if some kind of LCD overlay/film can be used in place of the tinted glass, and then turn areas of that layer on/off to control how deep the reflection goes at any point along the edge.

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    web site: or
    technical articles:

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    good job hendece what kind of lights did you use? I liked the blue the best. cant wait to see it done. I really like the clock idea been thinking about trying that as well. Really hope Firecop tries this on his home windows, at least one just so we all can ooh and ahh over it. What do you all think?

    I have found that the farther away the mirror is from the tinted glass with the lights centered between the deeper the illusion. On my table I still had some room to adjust so I tried different hights with the mirror. So the deeper the frame you can make the deeper the reflection will be. Notice how in the video above this post the reflection is not very deep, its because the frame is not very thick.
    not so new but still learning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djulien View Post
    Would a 3-step chase look correct with the reflection? (I'm wondering if every second reflection would be going the opposite direction)
    Yeah, you got it right, three sets of lights would give A B C | C B A | A B C | C B A... so you can't to a chase. The C's and A's would be doubled, but not the B's. That's why I was suggesting only two rows (above) - it would look like A B B A A B... so you would have only doubled rows (except the first).

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