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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptKirk View Post
    Holy Sheepdip!! The Dirkmeister does it again!! Uhhh, I mean the engineers- yeah that's what I mean....
    I can't control those guys...

    Quote Originally Posted by kychristmas View Post
    Your stuff keeps tempting me out of retirement. I may have to buy some just so I can inhale the solder fumes while assembling another DIGWDF device.
    HAH! Sometimes it's like opening a bag of potato chips...

    Quote Originally Posted by ErnieHorning View Post
    It's the DIGWDF pixel dust that the engineers sprinkled in the previous box. Makes you buy but you don't know why.
    So THAT's that funky stuff that's always laying around the lab....

    Quote Originally Posted by beeiilll View Post
    IT is hard to give up on any of this new stuff when it makes things so much fun!

    I want to try the new FourStick units for my 4 color LED Mini trees! Running a simple AC cord to each tree would be great for being able to change the locations around easily!
    That's EXACTLY the kind of prop these goofy things are designed for!

    When Phil invented the Renard controller concept he opened the door for a whole world of fun for a great many people. Then Ernie actually built one -- the very first one (he still uses it, too!)... then Greg and I fanned the wireless flames for a few years with the Ren-W and Komby adapters until Shelby came up with the ESPixelStick and Bill added Renard and DMX to Shelby's code while developing his RenardESP.... along the way about 8-10,000 DirkCheapSSRs found their way into users' hands and well, here we are: a bunch of us that think that while pixels are OK, we still have a yearn to use traditional Christmas lighting!

    This hobby's a hoot, isn't it?!?!?!?
    Last edited by dirknerkle; 10-06-2017 at 08:23 AM. Reason: FFT....
    The DIGWDF Store will be closing at the end of this year.
    While it's still open, please check us out for blinky-flashy gizmos that nobody else on the planet makes!

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