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    Default DIGWDF Store Happenings

    The DIGWDF Store at Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory is open for business!

    Why do we have it?
    For the past couple years we've supplied Ren-W boards to the DIYC community via the "group buys" forum. It hasn't made any sense, really, since there's really no real "group buy" going on -- it's just where the program seemed to fit. Well, the Dirkmeister thought that rather than answer numerous PMs and postings about "are there any of these left?" and "how do I buy one?" and "what's the difference between...", etc. it would be much, much more convenient to set up a store, replenish stock levels as the need arose and dispense with all the other stuff. That's the main reason why. The secondary reason is just for fun. We plan to put "stuff" out there on the store over time -- stuff that you know you can't do without...

    Basic Plan
    Our plan is to maintain a basic stock of a few select items, in particular Ren-W and specific MiniRen boards and once in a while, throw in some sort of special for some new goofy thing that we've created that you know you absolutely need to have!

    Registration Required
    You'll need to register to order from the DIGWDF store, and I'm looking at disabling some of the information requirements that are currently there. We don't need to know your shoe size, height or IQ, and since all payments (PayPal and credit cards) are handled by PayPal, we won't be storing your credit card information. Note though that if paying by credit card, PayPal will validate the address you provide with your credit card and the card may be rejected if they aren't a match. Note also that is our policy not to provide any of your personal information to anyone for any reason.

    Pricing Plan
    Our goal is to include free shipping with every item based on shipping to the continental United States. Of course, you know as well as I do that what "free" means is that the shipping is already figured into the item price, so that's no big whoop... (Even so, it sounds pretty good!) Otherwise, it is also our goal to keep prices as low as we possibly can given the demand for a specific item. Obviously, products that have shorter stock levels often incur greater production expense which makes the cost per item higher. Sorry, we can't help that -- we didn't invent mathematics...

    Shipments to Other Countries
    The store is set up to convert to a few different currencies and of course, U.S. Dollars is always appropriate. However, because shipping to other countries fluctuates so greatly, we will provide an individual quote on shipping to your location for all non-U.S. deliveries. Therefore, be sure to include a valid email address OR your DIYC username so we can get back to you with the quote when the delivery address is outside the United States. Thanks.

    Keeping Up-To-Date
    We will check stock levels regularly and reorder stock as appropriate. However, there may be times when we are just flat out. We'll try to keep the front page up-to-date with status information about stock replenishment in progress... Thanks in advance for your patience.

    All (or almost all) of our circuit board layouts are currently available on DIYC in either the file library or elsewhere. They are or will be available in the file library at as well, so you can always etch your own as it comes to one of our designs. However, we reserve for ourselves any commercial or mass-production of our designs and ask end-users to respect that. And as many of our designs mimic the designs of others, commercial production for profit is prohibited.

    There you have it folks. All the news that's fit to print, and some of it to read... And as I write this, I see that one of our one-of-a-kind prototypes has already been spoken for! DIGWDF Store is the place to go to find stuff that you either won't find anywhere else or, in some cases, stuff that you can't believe anybody would even bother to make!
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    The store were you can find blinky-flashy gizmos that you never knew existed!

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