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    Quote Originally Posted by kychristmas View Post

    My only issue would be multiple effects applied to a cells. Will that be able to happen? For Instance I quite often will do a Chase,Spin or Arch effect where I gradually ramp up and ramp down. For instance at the end of a song I may continue the effects, but then gradually fade out to black. Would this require a special custom effect or can I overlay the effects.
    I'm still trying to understand the difference between a spin and chase. I thought they were the same.

    Once I do my first sequence - it will probably be as clear as day. I want to define everything up front in case a change is required.

    Your statement above is interesting. Take what I consider to be a chase: multi-channel - multi-cell - effect where the same effect is applied to adjacent channels only offset by a defined number of time units - Like a long stair step or mirror or a stair step.

    My first gut (not thinking much) reply was going to be - ok - its a chase using step-down. By your statement - the complete time period you are looking at will cover multiple of these (10+ of these). It would be a pain to individually change the hi to lo intensity range of all of these (in the same channel) to get a nice decay to zero.

    I am going to add an effect modifier. Select a group of common ramp type effect (like all of the ramp-downs that would compose your last chase to end) - tell the tool the starting intensity and the ending intensity and the tool will then modify each individual effect to produce the slowly decaying chase sequence.

    Now do I implement it (as you stated) as two effects - one controlling some aspect of the other (this would preserve the design intent and make it apparent) - or have the second effect do an immediate change to the first - thereby producing the wanted outcome but leaving no trail as to how it was accomplished.

    I'm going to look hard into the first - the second is easy as a last resort.

    Consider this - your chase where each segment is a ramp down to zero - have a higher controlling effect that determines the starting/ending intensity of the ramp - so you are getting a chase using fades to zero - and the overall chase scene slowly fades to zero.

    This is a data structure change - to do it now is easy - later (after a sequence was started) - maybe impossible.

    Thanks ky - I really like this!

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